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Y'all muthafuckas miss me or nah?

Alright, alright I got some 'splaining to do. I haven't updated in like two years. Yikes. I left many of you hanging. I got countless comments and asks on Tumblr requesting to be emailed the rest of the story since it remained to be seen whether or not I would continue to annotate it. Here's the thing though: I kind of...well lost it *insert crying emoji* The ONLY reason I have this chapter is because I copied and pasted it into a new entry on here and turned the privacy setting to where only I could view it, meaning to get to it within some days but well... shit happened. It has sat here since January 18, 2014 according to the timestamp. And for that I apologize profusely. SO much has happened in my life! I graduated high school, I was blonde, I'M KIND OF HOT, I am in university now, I got hoes, everything is just wild man. This is a bit of a TL;DR and you are free to skip directly to the entertainment, I just felt the need to explain myself. In short there is no real reason I stopped, life just kinda started lol. I used to spend hours a day on the computer just bullshitting and now I'm never on the Internet except for schoolwork. I'm hardly ever even on Tumblr now except to kill time. Crazy.

Now that that's out of the way, I have a proposition for all you lovely people: If ANYONE has Columbine: A Love Story in its entirety please get at me! Otherwise, this is where I'll have to stop indefinitely. I know one of y'all got it and holding out on everybody. SO YEW KNOW WHAT TO DO.....

Ashli’s POV

Lord here she go with this point of view shit...

I'm finna be in there like swimwear.

I came to the front door of Eric’s house and opened it “Guys?!” I exclaimed up the stairs, there was a lot of rustling and moving as I went up to Eric’s room.

Bitch what you yelling all through the house for? Where else them losers gonna be at?

They sat there normally, like nothing had just happened, I raised my eyebrows. “What are you two doing?” I questioned them “Nothing...” Dylan replied, I shrugged then set my bags down

And you believe that?

“What are we doing tonight?” “We’re going to meet up with our other friends here” Eric said

Lmao what friends

“Am I allowed to join?” I asked, they both nodded “Of course” Dylan told me, I laughed “When are they coming?” I queried as I looked at the clock, 4.00 pm. “6.00 o’ clock” “Cool”

That last minute shit...that's that shit I don't like.

“They’re sleeping round” Eric added to Dylan’s set time. “In the living room?” “Yeah, better make some room”

If you don't know the words that's coming out of his mouth you're too young! 'Cause that's what I'm thinking.

“I’m going to go down and make some room, come on, let’s get something to eat” They nodded and followed me down the stairs. I moved some sofa’s and made a big space near the TV, which I laid with spare blankets and pillows.

How cute.

I threw a packet of potato chips at their heads “OW!” “Aww...sorry” “It still hurt” Dylan insisted, I kissed his cheek

Aren't you Eric's girl? Why you for the crew tho? It ain't hurt that damn bad.

“Excuse me?” Eric made himself known; I smirked and kiss him on the lips.

Y'all nasty :/

We watched TV for a while and soon it was 6.00, the door bell rang and I made Dylan go get it. I soon met Nate, Brooks, Robyn, Andrew and Sam.

Lmao the fact that she's using their actual "real life" friends. In the final hours of his life, Eric was so merciful as to tell Brooks to "get out of here" in the parking lot before the shooting popped off. Robyn, being 18 years old, purchased guns for Dylan at a gun show and accompanied him to prom just days before 4/20. Nate was a childhood friend of Eric and Dylan. Sounds like one hell of a night. Turn up!

We all got up into a conversation and soon we were drinking “Let’s play a game” I suggested, everyone agreed

That don't sound good.

“Okay, we all get 10 shots and we have to start drinking them all at the same time, whoever hasn’t finished their shots by the time everyone else have, that person will have to do something that everyone wants that person to do”

10 SHOTS?! Of what? You tryna kill everybody smh

Everyone nodded, I smiled “One...two...three...GO!” We all drank and I was the first person to finish, then it was Eric, Dylan, Andrew, Sam, Robyn, Nate, Brooks was the last.

You clearly don't know much about alcohol cause really all y'all should be dead. No shade.

We all huddled together and we decided he had to drink a cup of mustard; he winced as he stared at the cup of mustard given to him and I put a dustbin in front of him in case he pukes.

Wtf Brooks already cheated death once, y'all are pushing it.

Immediately after he drank it he puked up, everyone congratulated him though and and we all laughed about it.

Mkay this story getting kind of dry (and illogical) you gone have to step your cookies up boo. Give me something to work with. I can't work under these conditions.

We played another game and Robyn lost, all of us thought she should try to pee like a man...no were not pervs.

Bitch huh? How everybody liver processing these large amounts of alcohol? You know what, for the sake of my mental I'm just gone assume y'all taking shots of water. 'Cause ain't no way.

Also: let's discuss this dare.

Everyone watched and it dribbled all over the toilet seat, it wasn’t pleasant! HA HA!

What in heaven's name...this is my first time reading this I'm just blowed right now.

One more game and that would be the game that I lost in, so I waited at the side lines as they debated my incoming dare.

How y'all ain't dead That water must be good as fuck

“You have to walk around only in a bra and knickers then paint your body blue”

That's ten, twenty, thirty shots tho...

I sighed but done it anyway, so they laughed and laughed. Yey?

Oh huh? Girl I was not even paying attention. *goes back up and reads* Oh.

After that we sat there drinking, laughing and being crazy, by the time we went to bed...it was morning.

Kept on drinking huh...y'all must really love water.

We all finally woke at 5.00 in the afternoon and I sighed, I woke everyone else up and Nate, Robyn, Andrew, Sam and Brooks left, when breakfast was finished and I was left to clean up the mess.

That's evening not afternoon hoe. And I'm dead @ you having to clean up after everyone wit yo dumb ass.

I groaned as I sat down, I was still blue, so I ran upstairs to have a wash. Finishing, the boys and I just lie down and have another nap, we were tired like hell.

Your verb tense conjugation is all fucked up here omg.

I woke up in the morning to banging on the door downstairs, so I hitched myself up and opened the door to find my other best friends, Lili and Chase. “Oh my god!” I ran to hug them “Sorry I only show up in a robe”

Well I mean you do live there...

“Nah, I like it” Chase joked, I laughed and kissed his cheek, I let them in the living room and ran upstairs to wake the boys and get ready. The boys came down to see Chase and they gave him the cold shoulder but when Dylan saw Lili, she blushed, I smiled.

All of y'all just weird.

“Dylan this is Lili, Lili, Dylan” Lili blushed and Dylan did a bit too, they shook hands and I coughed “BOTH SINGLE”

Do you not know what discretion is...

They stared at me and we all laughed, I introduced Chase and the boys just looked, I rolled my eyes and told them we’re all going to a diner for something to eat.

Didn't y'all just eat?

As we got in Eric’s car, Chase commented “I could better in car choice”

Shots fired.

“For your information, this is a quality car you bastard”

Honda Preludes suck dude what you mean. It's a reason they don't make em no more. Actually Hondas suck, period...

“Really you bitch? Cause its shit!” “You’re shit”

Okay so, why Eric letting him disrespect him like that in HIS car? Kick that mf out.

“I see where Ashli gets her idea of choice from because she has you for a boyfriend” Chase exclaimed

Apply cold water to the burn.

“Come here you motherfucker” “GUYS!” I yelled, Chase and Eric stopped arguing “Can we go now?!” Eric twisted round and started the engine; we were there in no time.

Bitch u's a motha fuckin lie, somebody talking crazy to ME in MY car about my car, they walking to the destination. Fuck you mean?

At the diner Lili, Dylan, Eric and me were all laughing and having a pretty funny conversation, but Chase was fiddling with the straw in his milkshake, I tried to include him in the conversation but Eric and Dylan gave me a raise of the eyebrows

Hell I would too why is this nigga even here? He was being mad disrespectful back there smh

“I’m going to go get another milkshake” he whispered in my ear, I nodded and when a few minutes past, I looked over to where Chase was and the cheerleaders from our school came in, when they noticed Chase they walked up to him and kissed him, all of them one by one, giving him their numbers, Chase went along, smirking.

Chase walked back over and I gave him a scowl he shrugged, when I told him how I hate them he asked why “For many reasons” I replied, he sighed and I kissed his cheek while Eric and Dylan weren’t looking.

I hate all y'all.

And bitch this the third man you've kissed today you slanging that pwussy or what?

The drive back home was fun, for everyone except from Chase he was constantly being ignored and hated by Dylan and Eric, but it’s natural, right?

I mean...he did call the guy's car 'shit.'

“So Ashli, wanna have a sleepover round our apartment?” Lili asked

The bitch just had a sleepover, why is she so adamant about sleeping in the presense of multiple other people?

“You unpacked already?” “Yep” Chase confirmed “Cool” Then I turned to Eric and Dylan, giving them a puppy face, they laughed and nodded their heads “You can go” Eric said, I jumped up and down, giving them both a hug

The fact she had to get permission...

“They can come along” Lili smiled at Dylan, Dylan smiled back “We’re fine, have you’re fun” Dylan told us, Eric added on “We’ll see Lili tomorrow or maybe Dylan...alone...Lili and Dylan together...” We all laughed except from Chase.

Tbh, I can't even tell who said that so...this is weird.

“And you better watch it” Eric pointed to Chase “Bring it on” Chase challenged Eric, they stepped towards each other “Let’s GO” I pulled Chase away, grabbed some clothes and stuff, putting it all in a bag.

Boy I tell you...

I kissed Dylan on the cheek and gave him a hug, doing the same to Eric but the kiss was on the lips, then he deepened it making it a passionate French kiss.

I heard Chase gag and Lili nudge him. Eric just did that so he can get at Chase, but why would Chase be annoyed?

Who wouldn't be annoyed and disgusted honestly

Probably cause they hate each other so much, you know, boy against boy.

That's totally what it is.

Who’s the top dog and that, I stopped the kiss and blushed, Eric smirked, then went for my neck, I moaned when he hit the sensitive spot on my neck.

Oh hell nah. I gotta get you up out of here.

The next thing I was being pulled away by Chase “That’s fucking sick”

Thank you Chase.

“Just cause you’re jealous” Eric snapped at Chase, I rolled my eyes as Chase responded “Hell no, I’m not jealous of a faggot”

Ah see this not gone end well...

Eric growled punched Chase, I gasped and was about to step in but Chase punched back.

Bitch you have lost your everlasting mind if you would step in between two dudes fist fighting. Need to sit down somewhere.

“NO!” I yelled, I pulled them away from each other and cleaned their cut, Eric and Chase gave each other and I had a go at them.

Cleaned their 'cut' with what, spit? Or you keep the first aid kit on deck like that?

“No fighting alright?!” They didn’t say anything, I groaned and pulled Chase away to the front door, I kissed the boys goodbye and asked Eric whether he was alright, he nodded.

And then you just gone turn around and kiss both of them...

I gave him a kiss on the lips and left after I pushed Lili into Dylan making them kiss on the lips, they blushed, while murmuring “Goodbye” and left.

I'm fed up. No seriously.

I was out the door with Chase and Lili on the other side of me, I turned to Chase “What was that for?” “He’s a fa...” “I don’t want to hear the word, alright?!

Yeah I agree with you girl I hate that damn word.

You two need to cut it out or leave each other alone” “Why?” I sighed “I won’t have important people in my life fight”

Aw. Getting all sentimental and shit.

He shrugged and I turned to Lili, she was daydreaming “You liked the kiss” She was bright red in the face

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming: foolishness.

“YES! Thanks for the introduce and everything, except from the push”

Because that was so realistic, right?

We both laughed “It worked though?” Lili nodded “Yeah, I liked the kiss” “And so did Dylan” “How can you tell?” “I just know!”

Well then.

I hugged Chasi and Lili and when we got to their place, it was like old times. Their apartment had been painted white and inside it was so roomy and comforting, Chase and Lili had different rooms, Chase had pictures of me and him and some of Lili and Chase.

Wtf why they living together though lol

Or some of all of us together having a great time, his room had a television, a cool bed and posters everywhere of his favourite bands with a skateboard in the corner and acoustic guitar with an electric guitar next to it. His room was painted with neon colours and I loved it.

He wants you to love it. The room was designed to woo you.

Chase was passionate with music and made songs, we used to sing together, just us two when Lili was busy.

Oop. That's tea there.

He’d sometimes just play the chords and let me sing, but either way when we were together we were magical.

Magical? I see why him and Eric got to fighting. He want you girl!

But we’re no shining out Lili; she was still part of the group, no matter what.

I smell a ménage...

Chase’s room was my favourite room in the house, it had usual furniture a stereo and a small mirror.

Favorite room in the house you say? Wonder why.

Lili’s was the average girl room, she wasn’t a girly girl, but she wore make up and just cute jeans with t-shirts, her room was really nice. It was painted green and yellow, I wouldn’t mind owning that room!

Now you don't have your own room at all. Poor dat.

It had a makeup and a stereo with a TV and a mirror, with the normal furniture.

Sounds amazing. I want to hear more. Not really.

We were all in our PJ’s and were eating chocolate and drinking energy drinks in Chase’s room “Truth or Dare?” Chase asked me “Dare”

Here we go with this shit...

He smirked “I dare you to flash your boobs” “Perv!” I joked “Don’t worry I’ll do it to Lili too!”

But why...where are you going with this...

She gasped “Nah, Dylan owns it” I commented, laughing, everyone laughed and I took a pen writing on her boobs ‘Dylan Owns’, we were giggling like freaks, but it was funny.

Where is the end of this chapter lol

“Does Eric own yours?” Chase asked, rolling his eyes at my boyfriend’s name.

Is this really a discussion

“No, it’s my boobs” “Let’s give it a name!” Lili burst out with a random idea

See I really got love for y'all to be torturing myself like this.

“Yeah!” “How about Smexy and sexy?” Chase suggested, we laughed and shook our heads

It's a no from Miss J. And from me too.

“Bob and Bill?” “Maybe”

The fuck

“Fred and Lesley” “That’s a maybe”

But wait...

I thought “Bob and bill” So that was my boob’s new names, ha ha!

I'm so over this. This is bullshit. That was not even a democratic decision.

“Okay, back to truth and dare, are you gonna flash?” Chasi said, I smiled and flashed for 5 seconds

Now you know Eric...you know what nvm I'll let you tell it.

“That was hot” Chase commented and Lili agreed, we laughed again for like the 6000th time! Laugh now.

No bitch. I'm ready for this threeway that's about to happen. Quit wasting my time.

We done really daring stuff but when Lili went to the toilet, Chase questioned me with truth and dare “Truth”

I don't like where this is going.

He smiled “Would you ever kiss me on the lips?”

Ashli was like:

“Yes” I came to a decision after a few seconds

WOW! She ain't shit lol

“Prove it” Chase said.

It's lit.


Damn indeed. That's the end of this lil ugly chapter. Last one I had left, damn this is really upsetting me. So ummmm I'm really sorry I neglected this for so long, I had no idea so many people enjoyed it lol. That actually really means a lot to me that I could make someone laugh. Again, this was the last chapter I had left I lost the rest of it unfortunately. If someone out there has it, fuck with me!! Otherwise, this might be the last post I make on it. If you wanna keep up with my crazy ass follow me on Tumblr: lamb--chop.tumblr.com and Twitter @Kharismatically!

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families!!! Consider this my gift to you. I hope 2016 is good to you all. Thank you for reading. I'm out.